David Flannigan DDS

305 W Drew Ave, Monette AR  72447

Office Phone (870) 486-2312

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Although Monette, Arkansas was sparsely settled in the early 1800’s, it was not incorporated until June 3, 1900.  Most folks in the area attest that the Scots-Irish Flannigan clan have been an established presence in Mississippi and Craighead Counties “pretty much since anyone can remember”. Read more below…
Dr. Bob’s great-grandfather came to Monette in the early 1910’s as a merchant and cotton buyer. Robert F. Flannigan started the first Flannigan store known then as “Flannigan and Hogue”. Later a second Flannigan’s store was owned by Wilford Flannigan and Robert Flannigan, Sr. Matter-of-fact, The Flannigan family have had a business on what locals call “Main St.” for nearly a century. Flannigan Family Dentistry is located at 305 West Drew on the site of the old Monette Christian Church which was destroyed many years ago. The church bell resting in front of the dental office was once mounted on top of the church. The concrete pad to the entry of the church is still visible on the corner of the lawn. The church lot was sold to Dr. Bob Flannigan while he was in dental school after he promised the remaining church members he would build a dental clinic on the property and that he did. Now owned, managed and operated by two generations of practicing Doctors of Dental surgery, plus two additional Flannigan family members dedicated to other key roles at the clinic, the future seems full of beautiful smiles for the Buffalo Island community.