ADA Patient Smart

Rebekah Flannigan  graduated from Buffalo Island Central in 1998.   Her high school years were replete with activities, not only with rebekahher required studies, but Rebekah garnered memberships in the Student Government Association,   the  National Cheerleaders Association, the Universal Cheerleaders Association and served as Captain and Co-Captain of the Cheerleader Squad.   High School was also an era of fond memories for Rebekah: playing trumpet in the All Region Band, singing in the All Region Choir and maintaining a presence in her church choir and  the  GA’s.    Meanwhile this congenial ingénue was selected as the Elks Club Student of the Year, received the Gold Girl Scout Award and served as a homecoming maid.   It surprised no one when this industrious young lady received a scholarship to attend Arkansas State University.

Rebekah earned her first degree at   Arkansas State University where the momentum of her busy high school days had prepared her for a similarly robust Era.    There she served as an ASU cheerleader and received the   Martha Mcferron Scholarship.   She was also awarded “Student Athlete”  during each of her four years there.   At ASU Rebekah pledged a Greek sorority, was chosen for homecoming court and was nominated by the ASU Marketing Dept. for Who’s Who at ASU.   During summer months Rebekah served as a United Cheerleaders Association instructor.

After receiving her Bachelor of Science in Marketing, Rebekah received a position with Dillard’s and later moved up to store management at Abercrombie and Fitch.

Armed with substantial experience in the world of business, Rebekah ultimately decided to redirect her aspirations toward the family business.   Following in the footsteps of her dad and brother, Rebekah attended the University of Tennessee where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Hygiene.   In 2008 she graduated and became an essential part of Flannigan Family Dentistry.